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Debt Solutions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Growing up in Buffalo, a small city in upstate New York, I didn’t live in a single family home surrounded by a white picket fence with my mother and father. I wasn’t raised with a golden spoon in my mouth and a nanny to attend to my every beckoning call. But instead, I grew up around individuals with low paying (to no paying) jobs, drug dealers, food stamp users, Women Infant Child (WIC) program participants, and public assistance seeking individuals.

Debt Free By 30 & Beyond
The main focal point of this book is to encourage the readers that becoming debt free can be done. Through my trials and tribulations of Love & Life, I was able to overcome the current Debt Crisis. As a financial consultant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, everything I have was the result of me working hard. Get a copy and read more...
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When : December 12, 2014 Where : Club 7165 Lounge, Philadelphia, PA